Our Story

It all began in 2013 when I chanced upon a pottery class. I was in between jobs at the time. What started off as a one-time session eventually became a weekly hobby. Slowly I started spending more time with clay than job-hunting!! This soon turned into a full time hobby.

Over a period of time, I was able to learn from Khushboo Madnani in Mumbai and Mansimran Singh (Mini) and the Late Jugal Kishoreji in Andretta, Himachal Pradesh. With ceramics though, it is an on-going learning process. And I feel the process has only just begun…

Each piece is handcrafted with utmost care and attention to detail. Minor imperfections may be present due to the handmade process. This adds to the uniqueness and beauty of the product.
A combination of techniques like wheel throwing, slab rolling and pinching are used to create our pieces. Simplistic form and design with surface detailing for aesthetic appeal. Pieces are fired to 1200 degrees Celsius to ensure strength and safety with food-grade glazes.
Stoneware clay is able to withstand 1200 degree firing, making it strong enough for functional use. The neutral colour of the clay body allows for more experimentation with glazes vs. a dark body like terracotta.

Clay is a dynamic medium.. it grows with an artist and with time. As I shape it, it takes form and provides functionality. I find the process of working with clay therapeutic. It lets me forget everything around me. I employ a combination of techniques like wheel throwing, slab rolling, pinching and carving. My repertoire of work includes serving ware like platters, plates and bowls speckled with a little bit of home accessories.

I am inspired by the colours of the outdoors.

The look and feel of my work are inspired by sandy beaches, lush green palms, white shells and blue waters.  My ceramic forms and glazing techniques tend to reflect these elements.

In this world of fast-living, I hope to share my love for beautiful handmade products and encourage slow living.

–  Uttara Heble